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Norfolk 360 Information

Below is information regarding the 2024 Norfolk 360 cycle race


If you have a medical emergency and are in need of help call 999. If the emergency is not life-threatening call the Event Director on 07701316329

Spectator Information


Route Information

You must cycle the routes in order. North, South, West, and East.

Riders have 36hrs to complete all 4 routes.

For safety reasons we have a cut off time to head out on to another route. If you have less than 5hrs before your 36hrs are up, you will be asked not to head out. You will still get your finisher prize.  

Follow these links for each of the GPX files. 

- North

- South

- West

- East

Timeline of Norfolk 360

Friday 12th April

18:00 - 22:00

  • Arrival/Check-In. You can pick up your starter packs from 18:00-22:00

22:30 - 05:00​

  • Sleeping at Claxton Village Hall. For those who are staying the night before the event, the lights will be dimmed and you will be able to find a space to sleep on the floor.  

Saturday 13th April​

​05:00 - 07:00

  • Arrival/Check-In. Those who need too can collect their starter packs and check in.

  • Lights will be turned on from 05:00

  • Breakfast - Please see below under Food & Drink

07:10 - 07:25



  • RACE START. Riders will be set off 1 minute apart from 07:31. Please see the start sheet list for your start time and number. 

07:31 - 22:00

  • Central checkpoint open.

22:00 - 05:00

  • Central checkpoint open but lights dimmed and quiet for those who want to sleep.

Sunday 14th April

05:00 - 20:30

  •  Central Checkpoint open.


  • Cut-off times to head out onto the last loop. 


  • The last riders finishing time

Food and Drink

Riders are responsible for their own food and hydration throughout the event. This means that riders will have to seek their own food and hydration. For example, buying food and water from shops or cafes. 

Food and water will be available at the Central Checkpoint. Along with hot water and a microwave. We recommend riders bring their own food, to leave in their central checkpoint bag. This includes tea and coffee. This is at your own risk. Riders will not be able to use the kitchen. 

Friday Evening 19:30-21:30 - Rice bowls for sale, provided by Urban Bites, a local food vendor.

Saturday Morning 5:30-7:00 - Porridge with a range of toppings, provided by Urban Bites, a local food vendor.


​Race Rules

  • Follow the Highway Code

  • No Drafting unless in a Pair

  • No outside assistance

  • Be kind and courteous to other riders, road users and all members of the public

  • A helmet must be worn at all times whilst on the bike. The helmet must comply with EN1078 standards.

  • Keep your GPS tracker on you at all times

  • No Littering

  • Your start time starts at the said time on the Starting List. If you miss your start time you will be set off 1 minute after the last competitor. Your time will have already started. 

  • Each rider will have a brevet card. After each route, the rider must have the card stamped and initialled by a marshal at the desk in the hall. 

Hall Rules

  • No Bikes in the Hall. Racking will be provided at the back of the hall

  • You are allowed 1 reasonable-sized rucksack to store clothes, sleeping gear and other equipment you need for the race.

  • You are not allowed camping beds or large inflatable matrices. Roll-out mats and small inflatable sleeping mats are allowed.

  • Between 10 pm-5 am keep the noise down in the hall. This is classed as nighttime

  • KEEP ALL FIRE EXITS CLEAR. Marshals may ask you to move if you are sleeping in front of a fire exit.

  • You can not use the kitchen in the hall. You will have access to hot water and a microwave

  • Be aware of other riders using the hall. If some are asleep during the day please keep the noise down.

  • No equipment can be left out. All gear must be put away into your bag, and your bag placed in the bag area before you leave the hall.

  • Standard plug sockets are available in the hall. Bring your own plugs and cables. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Start Times
Race Numbers

Please follow the link to the Starting List to find out your Number and Start Time​


Kit List

Follow the link below to our blog about what kit is need for Norfolk 360


Other Information

  • Riders are able to arrive on the Friday night and stay in the hall.

  • Norfolk and Suffolk 4x4 Response team are on hand to collect injured riders or riders who can not keep going due to mechanical failure. This is for emergencies only. To contact them please call the Event Director on 07701316329

  • First Aid - The event director is First Aid at Work trained and will be based at the central checkpoint. There is no first-aid response unit to respond to riders out on course

  • Tracking is provided by Geo Track this will update a live map on where friends and family can watch your progress along the route. This will also be posted on the All Pace Races website.

  • Riders are responsible for their bikes, bags and other equipment. Any bag left at the central checkpoint is left at your own risk. Any bike left on the racking or outside of the central checkpoint is left at your own risk. You can bring a bike lock to lock your bike to the racking.

  • Cars that are parked at the central checkpoint are left at your own risk.

  • Parking. If riders are bringing their own cars to be left at the central checkpoint, they must have bought a parking permit. Please have this printed out and put on your dashboard. 

  • Insurance - each rider needs to have their own liability insurance. This needs to be sent to 

  • Photography - We will have a photographer out on course throughout the first day and night. We shall also be posting pictures to social media. 

  • If you post any pictures or videos on social media please use the hashtag #Norfolk360 so we can see

Merchandise DISCOUNT

Follow the link below to our merchandise and use discount code 15N360 for 15% off all products.

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